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Véronique Reuter

Person in charge of Documentary Studies, Ministry of Culture of France, Interministerial Service of Archives of France

Véronique Reuter

Graduate in History and in Documentation-Archiving, she studied French hunting treatise in the Middle Ages and its depiction in illuminated manuscripts. Librarian at the French National Library, she compiled French sports websites, focusing on the websites’ legal deposit, from 2012 to 2017.
She has been a documentation specialist-archivist at the French Ministry of Culture, Inter-Ministry Archive Service since 2018; she created a research guide for sports archives in France, on the website FrenchArchives, in partnership with the French Ministry of Sports’ History Committee. Networks: Association des Archivistes Français (AAF), LinkedIn.


“Archivos del deporte en Francia: políticas públicas en el año 2020” (‘Sports archives in France: public policies in 2020’)

With the preparations for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris underway, there is a growing interest in sports, its heritage and its archives in France. Since 2018, there is a thematic research guide about sports archives in France, available on the FranceArchives website https://francearchives.fr, the French equivalent of PARES. The guide makes it possible to see what’s popular in sports archives at the national, regional and local levels. With the preparations for the Olympics underway, there are going to be new projects and policies created between now and 2024. For example, a wider diffusion of sports archives on FranceArchives could be help helpful, that could come from new acquisitions of private archives, digitalizing new documents, making a better indexing system for sports-related documents, and incorporating new archives.