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Ossi Viita

Head of Collection Department, Sports Museum of Finland

Ossi Viita

Ossi Viita, born 1966. Residency nowadays Helsinki, Finland. Ph.D in University of Jyvaskyla in a year 2003. Author of seven Sports history book. Researcher in Sports Archives of Finland 2005–2008, Special Researcher 2008–2011 and Head of Collections Department in Sports Museum of Finland 2014- International Council of Archives (ICA), Executive member of Section on Sports Archives (SP0) 2016–2020.


The principles of Sports Archives of Finland to receive paper and digital archive material

Sports Archives of Finland receives 50–100 shelf metres of material per year, mainly on paper. Our aim is to receive archived documents of all the most significant Finnish sports associations. Documents of sports clubs are included based on estimation of their regional significance. We also aim to include material from new sports, such as e-sport. Paper material must be pre-arranged before the Sports Archives can receive the documents. Sports Archives of Finland is beginning to take in born digital material, such as minutes, annuals, action plans, contracts, most important e-mails, results, financial records and printed material in electronic format. The digital materials must be arranged in logical order before the archive can receive the documents. Materials can be arranged to folders according to function (administration, membership matters, education, communication and financial matters) or type of documents (minutes, annuals, publications and catalogues).