Diputació de Girona
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International Council on Archives / Section on Sport Archives (ICA / SPO)

Diputació de Girona

Girona City Council

Generalitat de Catalunya

Date and place

9 October 2018

EspaiCaixa Girona – “la Caixa” Obra Social.

Plaça Poeta Marquina,10

Target audience

The event is aimed at sportsmen and sportswomen, clubs, organisations, sports federations, historians, journalists, researchers, doctors, physiotherapists, archivists, companies and universities (staff and students) managing documents linked to health, sport, history, sociology, etc.


Government of Catalonia – Ministry of Culture, Government of Catalonia – Catalan Council Sports, Association of Archivists of Catalonia, Escola Superior d’Arxivística i Gestió de Documents, Faculty of Psychology, Education, Sciences and Sport – Blanquerna, Municipal Archive of Barcelona, London Metropolitan Archive, EUSES University of Health and Sport, and Fundació “la Caixa”




From 3 September to 4 October

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Admin. office

Diputació de Girona – Archives and Records Management Service

Pujada de Sant Martí, 4-5, 17001 Girona.
Tel.34 972 18 48 40.


General aims

The International Council on Archives (ICA), through the Section on Sport Archives (SPO), aims to make governments and the public aware of the need to preserve and conserve archives belonging to all the individuals, public and private institutions, associations and other organisations linked to the world of sport.

The ICA’s activities, through ICA / SPO, are intended to raise awareness in society of the need to organise, preserve, disseminate and facilitate access to documentation and information produced by associations, clubs, federations, sports organisations and athletes, since they play a fundamental role in configuring the personal and collective memory of the world of sport and of society itself.

The complex management of the world of sport has many links with other professionals, such as those involved in health, journalism and the media, history, archive studies, political science, legislation, economics, philosophy, the sciences of physical activity, and sports and engineering, among other fields.

With a view to achieving the above aims, the ICA / SPO, the Diputació de Girona, the Girona City Council and the Generalitat de Catalunya are promoting a biennial seminar on sport archives in Girona.

Specific aims

In this, the first edition we want to present the vision of nine professionals with outstanding experience linked to sport within their own disciplines: sport, history, journalism, health, and archive – document management.

These professionals will contribute their own understanding of the role of sport in society at all levels, as an element transmitting values, integration, change and a desire for achievement, thus enabling others to appreciate its importance.

They will thus be a channel of communication that is capable of motivating others and promoting the objectives of ICA / SPO in society, emphasising the need to organise, preserve, disseminate and facilitate access to archives linked to the world of sport.

Their contribution to the seminar will be geared to raising awareness among all those involved in the world of sport (clubs, federations and national and international organizations, companies, sponsors, doctors, physiotherapists, journalists, historians, archivists, engineers, referees, coaches, teachers, etc.) of the importance of preserving documents that make up an essential part of a country's collective memory.

Their presentations will highlight the ways in which they manage, use and exploit the documentation and information they have accumulated personally and professionally over the years.


Fina Solà

President of the Sport Archives Section of the International Council of Archives (ICA/SPO).

Dr. Xavier Pujadas

Doctor in History specialising in research into the social history of sport.

Dr. Ramon Olivé

Head of the Sports Medicine Department of the Terrassa Health Consortium - CAR of Sant Cugat del Vallès.

Daniel Marcos

Professor at the University School of Health and Sports (EUSES) of the University of Girona.

Tim Harris

President of the Local, Municipal and Territorial Archives Section (SLMT) of the International Council of Archives (ICA) and member of the Sports Archives Section.




Iniciatives internacionals sobre els arxius de l’esport

(International initiatives on sports archives), led by Fina Solà, President of the Section on Sports Archives of the International Council on Archives

No límits

led by Albert Llovera, racing driver and orthopaedist


Coffee break

Entre la memòria i l’oblit.
Contribucions a una estratègia per a la preservació material i documental de la història de l’esport

(Between memory and oblivion. Contributions to a strategy for the material and documentary preservation of sporting history), led by Dr. Xavier Pujadas, Director of the Sport and Society Research Group at Ramon Llull University

El rendiment curricular de l’esportista

(The academic performance of the athlete), led by Dr. Ramon Olivé, Head of the Sports Medicine Department at Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa – Sant Cugat Highperformance Centre





La importància de conservar les imatges a la televisió. Com han canviat els temps

(The importance of keeping TV images. How times have changed), led by Imma Pedemonte, sports journalist

La gestió de la documentació clínica en fisioteràpia. Processament de dades clíniques de diagnòstic i rehabilitació esportiva

(The management of clinical documentation in physiotherapy. Processing clinical data on diagnostics and rehabilitation in sport), led by Daniel Marcos, lecturer in physiotherapy at the University of Girona University of Health and Sport and physiotherapist at the SOMA centre for physiotherapy and osteopathy

Arxius dels Jocs Olímpics. El cas de Barcelona 92

(Olympic Games archives. The case of Barcelona 92), led by Joaquim Borràs, Head Archivist at the Barcelona Municipal Archives

The London approach to documenting the 2012 Olympic Games

led by Tim Harris, Assistant Director, Access. London Metropolitan Archives




EspaiCaixa Girona – “la Caixa” Obra Social.

Plaça Poeta Marquina,10 – Girona

(3 minutes walk from the train station)

How to get there:

By car:

> from the Girona Airport, 20 minutes

> from Barcelona, 120 minutes

By train:

> from Barcelona, 30 minutes