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Dr. Xavier Pujadas

Doctor in History specialising in research into the social history of sport.

Dr. Xavier Pujadas

Doctor in Contemporary History, in the early 1990s he initiated a line of research on the social history of sport in Catalonia, unstudied until that time. With Carles Santacana, he published reference works such as The Other Olympic Games, Barcelona ’36 (1990), two volumes of the Illustrated History of Sport in Catalonia (1994 and 1995) and Sport is News. A History of the Sports Press in Catalonia (1880-1975) in 1997.

In 1998, he began his academic career at the Ramon Llull University, where he taught the history of sport and set up the 2002 Research and Innovation Group on Sports and Society. A specialist in sport of the first third of the twentieth century, he has published in international journals and has coordinated, among other texts, The Metamorphosis of Sport (2010) and Athletes and Citizens. A Social History of Sport in Spain (2011).

He chaired the Spanish Association of Social Research Applied to Sport (2004-2008) and is a member of the European Committee for Sports History (CESH).


Entre la memòria i l’oblit.
Contribucions a una estratègia per a la preservació material i documental de la història de l’esport.
(Between memory and oblivion. Contributions to a strategy for the material and documentary preservation of sporting history).