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Alexis Serrano Méndez

Director of the Maresme County Archives

Alexis Serrano Méndez

Alexis Serrano Méndez (1982) completed his degree in History at the Unversitat de Barcelona, and the graduate program in Archival Studies and Digital Records Management at the Escola Superior d’Arxivística i Gestió Documental at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He is chief archive technician in the archives group at the Generalitat de Catalunya and Director of the Maresme County Archives. He’s a professor in the Antoni Gaudí Department of Christian History, Archaeology and Arts at the Ateneu Universitari de Sant Pacià and he’s President of the Centre d’Estudis Vilassarencs. He’s authored and co-authored different books related to history, in addition to articles and speeches for conventions, seminars and discussions. He directs Singladures, Revista d’Història i Patrimoni Cultural de Vilassar de Mar i el Maresme, and the collection “Documents i Estudis Maresmencs” [Maresme Documents and Studies]. He is also on the editorial committee for the prestigious magazine Analecta Sacra Tarraconensia. His works include Crònica d’un rectorat, Joan Roig i Ramoneda 1916-1957 (2006); L’Abans, recull gràfic de Vilassar de Mar 1852-1965 (2009); 1001 Curiositats del Maresme (2014); Mataró Barroc (2015); Els resistents catalans (2015); Patriotes (2017) and Vilassar de Mar desaparegut (2018). He has collaborated and published works with different authors: L’Hospital de Sant Jaume i Santa Magdalena (2019) and Autobiografia de Mataró (2019). (Facebook: @acmaresme; Twitter: @acmaresme)


“Mataró: persones i carrer(e)s” [Mataró: people, streets and races. A collaborative experience based on sports photographs from the Maresme County Archives]

Communication regarding the exposition and photograph identification workshop carried out with the fonds “Race Photographs” from September 7 until October 21, 2018. The experience helped to improve the descriptions of many anonymous photographs and allow for the edition of a catalog that included the contributions made by the participants at the expo-workshop. Given the link between the photographers of the Races saga and the local sports world in the capital of Maresme, the fonds includes thousands of photographs of football, basketball, running, cycling… The experience has often been considered a crowdsourcing although it should more adequately be categorized as being geared towards crowdwisdom.