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Anna Gironella

Anna Gironella

Anna Gironella is an archivist at the Girona Municipal Archives, where she is in charge of the City’s Historical Archive. She holds a degree in History and Documentation and holds a Master’s degree in Sexual Differences Studies. She has given lectures and written different articles on the documentary heritage of the city of Girona. In addition, she has different ongoing lines of historical research, focused on Medieval History, Written Culture and Women’s History. Her publications include: Girona: convents i monestirs, segles X-XIX (2005); La ciutat de les dames: Dona i creació artística a Girona (segles X-XVIII) (2008), result of curating an exposition with the same title at the Girona History Museum, and Tria de l’arxiver. Documents de l’Arxiu Municipal de Girona (2014), created with Joan Boadas.


“El fons documental del GEiEG de l’Arxiu Municipal de Girona. Descripció i tractament” [The GEiEG documentary fonds at the Girona Municipal Archives. Description and treatment]

On January 10, 2017, part of the Grup Excursionista i Esportiu Gironí (GEiEG) documentary archive was deposited at the Girona Municipal Archives. The collection was primarily made up of the complete collection of the organization’s newsletters, published since 1920; the posters of the activities organized, and photos of the different sections of the Group, in addition to a couple summaries and videos. The conference is focused on describing the tasks associated with the organization, description and diffusion of these documents at the AMGi. These have resulted in, most recently, the cataloging, digitizing and website publication of the posters and newsletters; the selection, documenting and digitizing of photographs, in addition to reinstalling the documentation on display cases and on material that is adequate according to its size and format.